New Mexico

For ten days, I explored various visual aspects of New Mexico without any crew.

The theme, an exploration into what for many years fascinated me: relationships, how they evolve and function. The concept, a young couple camping and getting close to each other during a camping trip in the desert was perfect.

New Mexico the perfect isolated visual environment with a collaborative team, editor, assistants, and my usual makeup and hair, team, and personal selection of actors (models) built to create a satisfying adventure.

Our models, Maltbie Napolian and Arielle Burgelin, were perfect together. Arielle, compassionate, sensitive and positive, added to Maltbie’s sensuality. I had worked with him many times before and understood his sensitivity to impose an embarrassment on Arielle. They were the perfect couple for this exploration, primarily not having known each other before. It was a challenge they both meet with enthusiasm and no reserve. It was a constant exploration.

We shot 35mm and 8X10 format, always a challenge.

My assistants made up the best support team I could need. Their constant support was always appreciated.

You had a very clear vision. There was never any doubt on the set that you were looking for something, not always sure what that something was, but we knew that when you saw it, you would be able to identify it very specifically, and we were all collaborating to get to that thing. I think we took a lot of pride in keeping as much as anything that was happening behind the scenes out of the picture so that you could focus on identifying that moment, setting that stage, capturing the vision. We all saw ourselves as very much a part of a collaborative process, ….

Scott Osman 2011.  talking about working with me at the time

Shadow Heat

Desert fight 1



Wishful thinking


Cooling off2

Naked desert bridge

Naked desert landscape1

Desert fight

Desert fire


Rock Embrace

Morning shadows

Desert Love


Arid heat

Desert heat 2

Shadow heat 2

Man and Stone

Rock embrace 3

Heat 2

Desert tears

Love in the truck