Virtual Gallery

Open Virtual Gallery

The concept of a Virtual Gallery first came to me when I had the DOWN TO EARTH exhibition at Phillips in London in 2018. They used this technology to show me how the exhibit would feel. With the pandemic and several exhibitions never happening because of COVID, I thought this was an opportune time to explore its possibilities further.

We have developed four gallery spaces.

The Corridor

We show some of the many portraits I took in the ’80s for either Vogue, Vanity Fair, or GQ. These sessions were like therapy sessions. I would solicit personal thoughts from the sitter designating specific aspects of their lives. Each time I would prepare by researching their life history, it was a satisfying extension.

I was very privileged that Alex Liberman gave me this opportunity generally reserved for Penn. When I photographed Liz Smith, she suggested I set up in LA as a photo therapist. She thought I could make a fortune.

The Salon Gallery

From the 17th to the 20th century, the Académie de Peinture et sculpture organized official art exhibitions called salons. Traditionally, The Salon exhibited paintings floor-to-ceiling and on every available inch of space. In 1863 Napoleon instituted the Salon des Refusés. It marked the birth of the avant-garde.

Today we do as we like. And here, I exhibit a selection of what I consider some of my most pertinent work from 1979 to today. It shows consistency for you to discover.

Fortunately, today we can exhibit in a Salon without royal favour.

The Main Galleries. 1&2.

I grew up next to the Water. Water has always been an essential element in my life. The ocean waves washing up on the beach, the heavy rain of a hurricane, as we helped pull cars out of a flooded crossing or fishing trout by a mountain stream or being tied to the mast of my dad’s trawler in the heavy seas of the Pacific as the waves pounded down on the boat. So often, Water is central to my activity. Today I live in the country away from any oceans or main waterways, although the local lake was my swimming venue until we built our pool. The pool is my lifesaver. It is where my mind can wander and dream of ideas and also my only essential exercise. We have two beautiful ponds but most necessary and vital is the constant requirements for the organic farm, Les Jardin de Château de Padiès, which my son Olivier is developing here on our land. Water is a constant preoccupation. With this preoccupation also comes the understanding of our reliance on a global scale of Water’s essence. I have decided to make Water the centre of my next ongoing project, which I’m in the early development stages. But feel this exhibition to be a perfect introduction.

Water is the Essence of Life.

Water is fundamental to life.
Water is the first principal of all things.

“Thales” (Greek philosopher)