When I started taking photos, it was my stepmother who had instigated it.  She gave me my first camera, a Box-Brownie that she had covered with images.  I was twelve. She always told me to look and then look again. Bend down, stand up, kneel always seek out your point of view. I developed my eye for seeing and observing. It taught me well with my narrative ambitions. A memorable moment of a light or an expression that was just there for the tiniest second of the click of the shutter, I would often wait to see this.

Then when at the age of 16, I needed to earn a living. I chose photography. And I have never stopped. Over time I’ve realized how much more than making a living photography offers.

When I look at all the photographers who capture images of life, war, illness and human relationships at their extreme, giving us a glimpse of what happens outside of our safe environment, I realize the insignificance of my work.

For me, it has always been about ideas. Many were ideas around a concept that touched me visually; others like Facescapes and Down to Earth, always still visually motivated, had the ambition to make a more significant statement about life and humanity. I am always looking to expand my horizons and maintain my independence.

Every one of these years was one of adventure and exploration and realizing my ambitions. My ambition now is to see if I can go beyond my linear vision and explore and push myself to break my instinctive boundaries.

We will see where this takes me.

Another adventure.