Padièscapes Landscapes

Padièscapes landscapes

A desire to use the landscape in new ways, representing the potential of a pure dialogue between humans and nature.  The project emphasises the beauty of nature. Translating landscapes into an entirely new environment redefines the margins of our visual vocabulary by constantly seeking new interpretations. Ephemerality is the core of this project, a reflection of the constantly changing natural world and its fragile ecology, pushing the boundaries of perception. Each stage is planned with the location and elements chosen.

I photograph the various stages before they change or disappear, giving a complete cycle of nature at work with Man at the helm. Nature offers the elements, including weather and the seasons. Central to the result is the element of chance.

The sole documentation remains the photographs and the installation as it progresses, being constantly rephotographed and changing.

The finished works are a series of photographs of the various stages that develop over time.

Human life also has a life cycle…a consciousness of being an element of the same creation and being in communion with it, evoking awe.


The late autumn series are available.

PRINTS  Face image 
Archival digital pigment glossy print mounted behind 4mm transparent plexi then mounted on 3mm black plexi polished 
Limited edition 21 +1AP (76X54 cm) Limited edition 7+1AP (134X100 cm)

Salvia officinalis L.

Salvia officinalis L. 4

Salvia officinalis L. 3

Salvia officinalis L. 2

Salvia officinalis L. 1

triangle and square defining positions

triangle defined further

further defining the triangle development

Triangle in summer development

a proposed new triangle first planting

The square in winter with new flowering

Square in winter with new flowering 2

extending beyond square

shadow summer square

shadow cube

Late autumn 4

Late autumn 3

Late autumn 2

Late autumn 1

Late autumn