Our new website will continue updates with more historical images.

The image above is the spiderweb design of our previous site. These scrolls initially came from my doodles as I was directing. They were always arrows pointing in a new direction. I concentrated on what was happening in front of my lens and my search for guidance whilst in action.  The site, just like the web, became increasingly intricate and complex to navigate.  Today we have chosen more direct navigation to explore with more simplicity all aspects of my work.

Also, we have added our Virtual Gallery where we explore various aspects of my work as well as the launch of my newest project Water.

I wanted to extend the concept of Down to Earth to one specific aspect, Water combined with flower images. My ambition for the series was to break new ground, to challenge my secure way of producing images.  AR and Holograms seemed to offer me the challenge I was seeking. I envisaged TheWaterCube (a plexiglass cube of water), which would be used as the base for the project.


During the process, I started playing with colours, and it quickly evolved into Padièscapes, with no technology, just pure visual interpretation.  I was achieving the 3rd dimension I wanted by playing like a child, using colours inspired by the environment. I was having fun breaking from my traditional method of taking images. So many artists want to go back to creating with a child’s innocence somehow; I was managing to do this instinctively.

Take a look at some of these images at https://www.denispiel.com/creative/padiescapes/

But not forgetting Our lives begin with water and end with water.

Also, enjoy the three newest books we produced last year to make the best use of our considerable downtime.