It was always an absolute pleasure to explore the sitter’s visual character through their reactions to my various questions. These sessions were like therapy sessions. I would solicit personal thoughts from the sitter designating specific aspects of their lives. Each time I would prepare by researching their life history, it was a satisfying extension.

I was very privileged that Alex Liberman gave me this opportunity generally reserved for Penn. When I photographed Liz Smith, she suggested I set up in LA as a photo therapist. She thought I could make a fortune.

Geena Davis 80’s

Sissy Spacek 80’s

Brian de Palma 80’s

Diane Sawyer 1982

Mark Morres

Best friends Alice Arien Framces Fitzgerald 1984

Best friends 80’s

Best friends Paramount 80’s

Best friends 80’s

Best friends Liz Smith 80’s

Joanna Pacula 80’s

Vincent Spano 80’s

Isabella Rossellini 80′

Suzanne Farrell 1980

Donald Sutherland Francine Racette 1983

Uma Thurman 80’s

Andie Macdowell 80’s

Daryl Hannah 1980

Chrisopher Lambert 80’s

Xavier Foucade 1986

Suzanne Farrell 80’s

Sigourney Weaver 1986

Best Friends

Jeanne Moreau Lillian Gishl 1983

Lilian Gish 1983

Claus Maria Brandauer

Madelaine Potter 80’s

Jamie Lee Curtis 1985

Willem and Elaine Dekooning 1983

Charlotte Rampling 1984

Gloria Vanderbilt 1985

Goldie Hawn

Mark Morris 1985

Jaspar Johns 1987

Joan Didion & John Gregory Dunne 1983

Jami Gertz 80’s

Charlotte Lewis 80’s

Amanda Pays 80′

Andie Macdowell 80′

JoanDidion 1984