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DOWN TO EARTH denis piel (Book)   DOWN TO EARTH denis piel (Book)   DOWN TO EARTH denis piel (Book)  DOWN TO EARTH denis piel (Book)  
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DOWN TO EARTH denis piel (Book)
Price: US$ 89
Size: 24X30 - 204 pages

personally signed limited edition 500 books

In DOWN TO EARTH, Denis focuses his eye on the compelling subject that has inspired and captivated artists for centuries: the deeply fecund beauty of nature in its wildest, most naked form.

The raw, evocative, earthy images in DOWN TO EARTH are inspired by the sustainable and regenerative organic farming that Piel and his family practice at Les Jardins du Château de Padiès, the 12th century
Renaissance château that Piel has called home since 2002.
Photographed over a complete agricultural cycle, fertility and abundance figure heavily into these storyscapes, instilling them with a very real sense of erotic, challenging beauty.

“This new work is a celebration of all that is essential to me. DOWN TO EARTH is a return to basics, a part of my longing to express some of my most precious, personal concepts of life,” says Piel. “The contact with the earth is primal.”

Known for his groundbreaking editorial work during fashion’s halcyon days of 1980’s Vogue, GQ and Vanity Fair, Piel is widely acknowledged for illustrating a sense of reality in what might otherwise be an ordinary fashion shoot.

Piel’s work has always raised an eyebrow; not only for its brave portrayals of his subjects but for its fresh, almost raw honesty. Piel’s eye is now trained on Mother Earth, as sensual a subject as he has ever encountered.

“My pleasure in watching the growth in the gardens made me appreciate the essential nature of what was taking place. It became evident while observing this process, how vital our relationship with the earth is. The need to propagate, to seed, to pollinate, related so much to our lives and it struck a nerve with me.”

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