FACESCAPES, offers a new way of defining ourselves, a way for us to look at our commonality: the basic bottom-line needs that ultimately define us, beyond our ancestry, religion, language, history, customs or institutions, to understand ourselves beyond Nationalism. Today with Nationalism taking an isolationist point of view, it seems essential to remind ourselves we are all one. Our strengths are multiplied by this, not by isolating us from each other.

But a way of looking at the mileage of the human clock.

With FACESCAPES, I try to follow a humanist tradition of getting in close on the subject, creating landscapes of faces, faces as a field, revealing contours and valleys like an aerial view of any terrain. An aerial view of our humanity.

We are all one race born from the same material.

The poet Saadi Shirazi expressed it perfectly in the 13th century: “The children of Adam are limbs to each other, having been created of one essence.”

We define ourselves by our differences more often than not, but what if we were to define ourselves by what we have in common? There is a real message of peace: we are all ‘us’!

Regardless of our apparent differences, we are all the same.

This project has taken me to a village in China, one in Australia, and the village of Lempaut in France.

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