785 million people lack basic access to clean and safe drinking water.

We’d like to help,

in our own small way.

It is strictly not for profit.

THE WATERCUBE Water Project.

The concept of THEWATERCUBE started with the image above.

THE GLASS CUBE CONCEPT…still in developing.. coming very soon!

We have created an AR piece representing water, TheWaterCube, available through your smartphone.

We also created the App, TheWaterCube whereby you can download the image and overlap the 3D image and blend it into the physical world where you find yourselves.

Then you can photograph the blended image creating a whole new image.

These images can be recorded and distributed to your own community and friends with the hope of engaging them in a similar pursuit and encouraging the discussion around water.

Everyone can post reactions, responses in text, photos, videos and soundbites, creating content beyond the initial concept. These would hopefully engage, entertain, share, and shine a spotlight on the water crisis.

Also, we are approaching Charity water to participate as a resource for participants to contribute to their venture.

This is STRICTLY NOT FOR PROFIT adventure.

On top of this, the XR world is opening opportunities for collaboration which is very attractive. This immersive technology will continue to transform Reality as we know it. The whole project would be double-edged.

We are also approaching the United Nations initiative “Water Action Decade” and Dassault’s “Water for Life” project, and Dupont’s “Water solution” to see if they could use this in any beneficial way.

We have developed, TheWaterCube as an art piece in AR*. We also developed an App for its use. NOTE* STILL IN DEVELOPMENT.

Gett the App

Get the App

The Free TheWaterCube App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Double-tap to place and interact with TheWaterCube through your smartphone.

Take pictures and videos and share through the app.

Choose whether to stream or download (making sure you are connected via wifi)

U-Collaborate by sharing your images with a larger world.

Below listed are projects that have been an inspiration for what we are attempting to do:

The United Nations initiative “Water Action Decade” and Dassault’s “Water for Life” project, and Dupont’s “Water solution” are all collaborating with their public to help develop the attention to water and its uses.

Charity Water collaborating with its public has supported millions who lack water.